COVID-19 Protocols



Our highest priority is the safety of all our guests and every team member of our EE Hoteles family. Throughout our history, one of the greatest strengths that customers have valued the most are the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene offered at our hotels. We achieve this goal through processes that follow rigorous standards of cleanliness. Due to the risks associated with COVID 19 and following the guidelines established by the World Health Organization and the Government of Colombia, we have implement new additional measures to reinforce the disinfection processes in all of our hotels. Among these measures, we would like to mention the following:

  •  We have implemented a series of protocols for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, emphasizing our efforts to identify needs, execute methods and systems, infrastructure adaptations and personnel training. Additionally, we developed protocols for risk management and procedures for possible emergencies. These protocols are available to all guests and visitors in QR code at each hotel lobby.
  •  We only use detergents and disinfectants approved by the EPA (U.S. Environment Protection Agency) for effective control of COVID-19 and disinfection methods recommended by health, protection and biosafety authority agencies.


  • Any person entering the hotel must wear a face mask. If you do not have it, we will supply one.


  • We streamline the check-in and check-out processes, in order to ensure that guests enter their suite or apartment as soon as possible. To expedite Check In, we have designed strategies that comply with Colombian regulations requiring personal attention with guests, Check In process will now take place in the guest’s room.
  • In some of our hotels, rooms can be accessed by using the guest’s mobile device via bluetooth. In Hotels where Bluetooth room access is not available, Keys and Key Cards are disinfected prior to guests arrival.
  • For Check Out, we offer online payment platforms where guests can pay their amount due balance prior to leaving the hotel. Similarly, all invoices will be sent by email.


  • Hotel common areas and operation zones are cleaned and disinfected daily. All high touch contact points in public areas such as: door handles, elevator buttons, counters, tables, railings, etc. are cleaned daily and disinfected continuously throughout the day.
  •  We redefined the Maximum Occupancy permitted in all hotel areas. These areas are marked in a way that helps to keep the recommended social distance.
  • We rearranged the layout of restaurants and hotel lobbies to ensure that safe distances are maintained between guests and customers.
  • We have limited the capacity for elevators so the distances between people can be maintained while inside the cabin.
  • Soap and disposable towel dispensers are available in all public toilets, as well as instructions for proper hand washing. Approved hand sanitizers with their respective instructions are available in all the hotel areas.


  • Suites and Apartments were inspected and all the elements that could represent risks for transmission of the virus were removed.
  • We are paperless and replace documents with QR codes
  • A complete disinfection and cleaning Process is done to each Suite, Room or Apartment before welcoming a new guest.
  • In addition, a properly packaged and disinfected set of amenities with disinfecting solution is included.
  • The TV and air conditioning remote controls are delivered clean and disinfected.


  • All our staff in the kitchen, restaurant and room service follows protocols to wash and disinfect their hands every time they serve food or touch items related to your service. All food production processes are done under strict food safety measures.


  • We adapted the employees service areas in order to guarantee that they can fully comply with biosafety protocols.
  • All staff received training on preventive measures, mainly those regarding to hand washing, social distancing and the use of protection elements. Both at work, at home and while commuting.
  • All staff have the appropriate personal protection elements for their job (masks,gloves, etc.). Likewise, they are properly trained in the use, handling and replacement of these implements, to guarantee optimal hygiene.
  • All inputs, supplies and materials are properly disinfected before being admitted to the hotel premises.


  • In case that a visitor or employee presents a possible suspicion of contagion, we have established special procedures for their isolation in a safe area to provide immediate medical assistance.
  • In the event that someone with a positive sign of COVID-19 is detected, there is a protocol for monitoring and crossing information to identify possible contacts and areas where that person may have been. Additionally, there are disinfection procedures for all potential contagion areas.
  • We have developed processes for verifying compliance with protocols and procedures, for this purpose, we designated a Safety and Hygiene Manager in our Company, who has delegated personnel in each hotel.

These are some of the measures we have taken to minimize risks of contagion in all our hotels. Although this represents a fundamental change in customs and ways to interact with guests, all our efforts are aimed to replace the personalized attention that has always characterized us, with a personalized service that meets your expectations. Our guests can continue to enjoy a customized experience in a safe environment, where our goal is to satisfy their needs while limiting physical approach, but always maintaining permanent contact and a timely and discreet service. Our entire EE Hoteles team is committed to care for our guests and clients, as they are our reason to exist.

Our entire EE Hoteles team is committed to care for our guests and clients, as they are our reason to exist.

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