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Medellin the 'City of Eternal Spring'

Medellin is a surprising city and an excellent tourist destination that cannot be missed on your trip to Colombia. It is the second largest city in the country and the capital of the “paisa” culture. Medellín stands out for its pleasant climate, beautiful mountains, the friendliness of its people, its gastronomy, the importance of its economy, business development, its transformation and as a center of innovation.

In 2013 Medellín was named the Most Innovative City in the World in the Wall Street Journal’s City of the Year contest and is one of the most recommended destinations to visit.


Data of interest


Mild and humid, with a daily average of 22 degrees Celsius


Aburrá Valley, Antioquia, Colombia 050001


1495 m s. n. m.


2.523.424 inhabitants (2020)



Time zone

UTC -5

Telephone prefix

+57 4





Public Transportation


Private Transportation

What to do in Medellin?

Due to its pleasant climate and abundant vegetation, the best plans in Medellín are outdoors.

Outdoor Plans
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Botero Square
  • Pueblito Paisa and Cerro Nutibara
  • The Conservation Park
  • Parque de los pies descalzos,
  • Berrio Park
  • Parque de los Deseos
  • Comuna 13 Tour
  • Parques del Rio
If you want to learn you can visit
  • Museum of Modern Art MAMM
  • Museum of Antioquia, where the works of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero stand out, whose sculptures are found in various areas of the city, especially in the Plaza Botero, located outside the Museum of Antioquia
  • Parque Explora, which is an interactive museum of science and technology where children and adults can learn through games and experiences in all senses.
  • Planetary
  • Water museum
  • The Castle Museum
  • House of Memory Museum


Medellín, City of Fashion

Medellín is also considered the City of Fashion in Colombia, so you can take advantage of your visit to discover trends and support local talent. Walk through shopping centers or streets where there are boutique stores around the city.

Some of the shopping centers that we recommend visiting:

El Tesoro


Santa Fé


El Poblado

The El Poblado neighborhood is one of the most prestigious in the city, there you can find shops, restaurants and bars that are outstanding in the city.

Important dates

Medellin is the city for differente business events, such as ColombiaModa, ColombiaTex, Expoartesanos, La Feria del Libro, among others. Congresses, Events and Concerts fill the city with visitors throughout the year. The Plaza Mayor Convention Center is one of the main places where these events take place


During the month of August we celebrate LA FERIA DE LAS FLORES (FLOWERS FAIR)  in Medellín, a world-renowned fair, where the great diversity of flowers in the region and the art of the silletas and the Paisa culture stand out. During the fair there are parades, concerts and many other events that will allow you to enjoy the charm of the city.

December is a special month to celebrate with family. The lights fill the city with light to give it that magical Christmas feeling.

Travel Tips

What to pack?

The weather in Medellin is template and humid, so we recommend bringing Spring-Summer style clothing. Comfortable walking shoes and a jacket or coat for the airport (since it is located in the municipality of Rionegro where the temperature is cooler and can drop especially at dawn or at night).

Keep in mind that near Medellín there are beautiful places to visit in the rural area where the climate varies depending on the altitude. From cold weather in the mountains to hot and humid weather in low altitude areas, if you want to visit some of the towns, check the activities and weather in advance so that you can pack according to your plans.

Don’t forget sun protection, a swimming suit and a set of comfortable or sports clothes in case you want to enjoy the “Ciclovia” on Sundays.

How to arrive?


  • Enrique Olaya Herrera (domestic flights)
  • José María Córdova International Airport MDE (located in the municipality of Rionegro, approximately 35 minutes from Medellín). We recommend booking transportation from the Airport to the Hotel in advance.



  • SOUTH BUS TERMINAL: Located in Guayabal, it provides transport services to the Coffee Region, Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, and the cities in the south of the country such as Cali, Pasto, Ibagué and Neiva.
  • NORTH BUS TERMINAL: Transport service to municipalities located north and to main cities such as Bogotá, Tunja, and the Colombian Caribbean coast; Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Montería, among others.
How to get around in Medellin?


The Medellín Metro is part of an integrated transport system with: metrocables, trams, public bicycles and buses with preferential lanes. You can reach almost all the tourist spots using this public transport network in the city.



Taxis in Medellin are yellow. There are several taxi companies such as Tax Individual, Coopebombas, Flota Bernal, Tax Andaluz and Tax Super.

For security reasons, we recommend ordering them by landline or cell phone application.

Try to have low denomination Colombian Pesos on hand, as some of these taxis only allow cash payment.

Where to stay?

Depending on your plans in the city, you can choose the hotel in the area where you prefer to spend most of your time.
Our recommendation is to stay in Barrio El Poblado, as it is one of the high-class areas in the city, where you can find the best shops, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers in Medellin.
El Poblado has several areas, if you want to be close to everything, with easy transportation, safe area, family atmosphere and quiet at night, we recommend you stay in the Golden Mile, where the best hotels and apartments are located.

Parque El Poblado, Calle 10, and Parque Lleras are renowned for their nightlife with a great variety of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. In this area you will find some hotels and hostels, with a more youthful atmosphere.

Tips and Recommendations
  • As in every big city, take care of your personal belongings and be careful when going out with valuables.
  • Preferably pay in local currency COLOMBIAN PESO or by credit card.
  • Check the routes beforehand to see which means of transport you are going to use. If you want to order a Taxi, do it by calling recognized companies or using their apps.
  • Try to schedule and book transportation to and from the Airport.
  • Do not forget to visit the surrounding rural areas, where you can find beautiful heritage towns and landscapes with a diversity of climates and things to do.

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