What does Medellin taste like?


Traveling is an experience for all the senses. The ingredients of each place are an important part of the trip and your memories. This time we want to make a list of the flavors that cannot be missed during your visit to Medellín:


The arepa is a typical Colombian dish and you can find it throughout the country with various preparations and presentations, which makes it a symbol of national gastronomic unity. Just like tacos in Mexico, the arepa in Colombia is an essential food and easy to combine with other ingredients to create dishes that are as delicious as they are traditional. It is made from cooked and ground corn or precooked corn flour, and has a circular and flattened shape. In Antioquia and Medellín its always in the kitchen of every home and it is even part of our typical dish “La Bandeja Paisa”. You can enjoy it at breakfast, as a side, an afternoon snack and even at dinner time.

Due to its neutral flavor, it can be prepared as simple or complex as you like. For breakfast; with butter and cheese is the most common way to enjoy it. If you want a more complete dish, you can add ingredients such as avocado, egg, shredded meat, chicken, tuna, tomatoes, shrimp, mozzarella cheese and whatever you like best.

Find and try different types of arepas such as corn, yucca, cheese, and chocolo (sweet corn) arepas, among others. Fried, roasted, stuffed, and even with condensed milk!

Without a doubt, it is one of the dishes that you cannot miss on your visit to Medellín.


Medellín is located in the Colombian coffee zone and that is why this grain is part of our history, culture and economy.

Do not be surprised if in each place they offer you a “tinto” or a “tintico” which is the most traditional way of drinking coffee in Antioquia. The TINTO is basically dark coffee, with a milder flavor than an espresso but stronger than an Americano.

You can try and find coffee everywhere and in different presentations. Around the city you can find farms and regions where you can learn about the entire process of growing, harvesting, drying and grinding coffee.

If you don’t want to leave the city, you can visit various cafes, shops and places specializing in coffee. We also recommend you visit the supermarkets, where you can try and buy to take away as a souvenir or travel gift.


Take advantage of your visit to Medellín to try exotic fruits that only grow in this tropical land! Some of them you cannot find in other places or even if you find them, we recommend to try them here since their flavor is more intense and fresh. You can find most of them in markets or grocery stores.

Enjoy them whole, in aromatic waters or in juices (made with a water or milk base). Some fruits that we recommend you try are: Uchuva, Guanabana, Blackberry, Lulo, Tree tomato, Granadilla, Feijoa, Curuba, Nispero, Pitahaya, Passion fruit, Borojó, Murrapos, Gulupa, Pineapple, Papaya, Papayuela, Cherimoya, Various types of Guavas , Mangoes and Oranges.


The Colombian empanada is different from other countries. In Medellín the empanada is fried and based on corn. The popular “church empanadas” are small, filled with potatoes and seasonings, and served with homemade sauce. The empanadas can also be of various sizes and filled with meat, chicken, cheese, among others.

It is considered more of a starter, snack or to share than a main course. You can find them both in restaurants and specialized stores, usually near parks and churches, you can also find them in bakeries, cafeterias or street food carts.

Bandeja Paisa:

You cannot leave Medellin without trying our typical dish! A tray that will undoubtedly leave you wanting a nap but very happy. This dish cannot be missing from family gatherings in Antioquia and in homes it is customary to enjoy it at least once a week.

The bandeja paisa can vary in each restaurant, but traditionally it must have: Beans, White rice, Avocado, Ripe Plantain, Chicharrón (fried pork skin), Fried Egg, Hogao, Chorizo, Morcilla (Blood sausage), Arepa and Meat powder.


If you visit a Colombian bakery you will probably find products that you never knew before like; pandeyuca, pandequeso, almojabana, buñuelos, cheese sticks, pastries, among others. We recommend you try these delicacies to discover new flavors and combinations.

Desserts and Arequipe

In Colombia we do not say “dulce de leche”, we say “arequipe” and this is our dessert par excellence. Enjoy a spoonful of arequipe with a glass of milk, or as a filling for cakes, donuts, crepes, waffles, cookies, brownies, cakes, or in a rich milhoja (puff pastry dessert with cream, arequipe, and strawberries).

As the wide variety of fruits are one of our greatest treasures, desserts must also include them. The Salpicón is a mixture of fruit with juice and served with ice cream and waffle cookie. The fruits with cream and arequipe are also a delicacy, especially if they are served with a waffle, meringue or in obleas (thin wafers). Fruits are also delicious in Ice Creams and Popsicles or there are even desserts that combine sweet and salty flavors such as figs in syrup with arequipe and cheese.


Just as in Mexico they celebrate with Tequila, the Paisas celebrate with Aguardiente or “Guaro”. Aguardiente is an alcoholic beverage made from Anise and Sugar Cane.

Save this list so you don’t miss out on trying anything during your visit!

Did you try them all? Tell us which is your favorite and which one do you think we have to add.

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